Activity & Outing Registry

Resident Registry: Activity & Outing Registry. **Please select the items and quantities you are willing to provide to Mary Ryder Home. **None of these items need to be gift wrapped. **MRH staff will contact you to confirm our need of the items you selected. **The DUE DATE is: None, please give at any time.
  • Fund - Some - Fun

    Using the "Donate Now" button located in the top right corner of your screen, you can make a contribution to funding an activity or outing.
  • Group Activity Items

  • *Large or normal print is good.
  • *Large or normal print is good.
  • *For use in our Relaxation Lounge **Please provide CD-rom with meditative or nature sound music, no words/lyrics please. **MRH will inform you as to what sort of CD we need, so we don't get duplicates.
  • Prize Pool

    *Small prizes for Residents who win at group games, such as Bingo, Bunko and Jeopardy.
  • *Novelty/ design pens may be individual prizes. *Black, blue and colored pens may or may not be grouped together to represent one prize.
  • *Please provide small, 3 inch pads or booklets of paper.
  • *Please provide 2018 wall calendars before January 2018. **Large or standard sized print, with pictures is good.
  • *Please provide fashionable, but inexpensive items of jewelry.
  • Personal Craft Items

  • *For Residents wishing to send Mail to loved ones **Please provide envelopes of appropriate sizes
  • *For Residents wishing to send Mail to loved ones **Please provide envelopes of appropriate sizes
  • Craft Items for All

  • *Craft Kits can include, themed scrap-booking stickers and paper, etc.
  • Please fill out all three sections
  • Please fill out all three sections
  • If you selected "I will provide a Single color pack" which color will you provide?
  • *Please do not provide electric sharpeners.
  • *Please provide a Low Temp glue gun with one (1) pack of low-temp glue sticks
  • *Please provide the three- or six-packs of glue sticks
  • *Please provide the Elmer's Glue, 4 oz bottles
  • *Please provide 7 or 8 inch bladed scissors.
  • *All beads need to have large diameter holes. **Any quantity size and color please.
  • *I.E. Is your group/ organization making the donation of items?
  • Due Date: None, please give any time