Third Party Fundraising

LET'S PARTY! Third Party Fundraising is all about YOU - you having fun, you raising funds, you having a party.

More Ways to Give:

There are so many ways to give philanthropically to non-profits like Mary Ryder Home - you can click on the "Donate Now" button to make an immediate monetary gift, you can donate items to our Resident Registry, you can join us at our Jubilee or Trivia Night events, you can shop at There are so many ways to give, but one way that is often overlooked is 3rd Party Fundraising.

What Is 3rd Party Fundraising?

Third Party Fundraising is where a third party (meaning someone external to an organization) is raising funds on behalf of that organization through an activity or event that is designed, managed and financially resourced by that external third party.

Who Can Be A 3rd Party Fundraiser?

Anyone! Sororities, Fraternities, Boy Scout & Girl Scout troops, You, - all on your own, School Sport Teams, After-school Clubs, Volunteer organizations, You, A Knitting Circle, Local Church Group, and did I mention, You!

How Do I Fundraise?

Pick a fundraiser idea. Design it, plan it, promote it, do it. And then let the Development Assistant at Mary Ryder Home know that you've done this wonderful event on behalf of the senior Residents at Mary Ryder Home and that some new funds are on their way!

You can also contact the Development Assistant, Emily at, for helpful tips or to request Mary Ryder Home brochures or informational materials that you hope to distribute at your event.

Listed here are some fundraising ideas, but a simple Google or Pintrest search will give you more.

Ideas for Student Groups: (May want to get your StuCo involved)

  • Bake Sale
  • Pie throwing contest
  • Lemonade stand
  • Walk/ Run or Cycle event
  • Dress down/ wear your PJs to school day
  • Pool party at your neighborhood club house

Ideas for Adults/ Adult Groups:

  • Having a Birthday or special event? Instead of asking for gifts for yourself ask for donations to Mary Ryder Home.
  • Host a Party: Tea party, Book club party, Dinner party, etc. and ask everyone to make a gift as "admission" or as a donation at your party
  • Host a "Night": Movie marathon night, Poker night, Game night, Karaoke night and ask everyone to make a gift as "admission" or as a donation at your party
  • Go Fund Me on behalf of Mary Ryder Home
  • Ask your Facebook friends to donate via Facebook
  • Walk/ Run or Cycle marathon event
  • Garage/ Yard sale
  • Online Craft Sale day - if you are a craftsman (or woman) and sell your wears on Etsy or a like site, host a sale and have the proceeds from sales that day allocated towards Mary Ryder Home.