Volunteer Events

We Love Our Volunteers!

Mary Ryder Home volunteers are some of the most wonderful people we know. Together we laugh, we sing, we play games, they help around the house and they lift our spirits. They are truly a part of our family.

The Mary Ryder Home volunteers do much for us and with us throughout the year. From school groups coming in to adult groups volunteering on our Jubilee Committee to pen pals who keep us company from afar, our volunteers are always there for us.

If you are interested in becoming a Mary Ryder Home volunteer or are already a volunteer and are curious about what else you can do, please visit our Volunteer Page or contact Terry, our Volunteer Coordinator, at tjsignaigo@maryryderhome.org.

Who Can Volunteer?

Anyone! Young or old, in school or retired. In St. Louis area or from far away.

Why Volunteer?

Mary Ryder Home is home to about 60 lovely ladies and only a small percent of our ladies have family or friends. And only a small portion of that group is in contact with those family members or friends. If you become one of the regular Mary Ryder Home volunteers, you become family to our Residents. What a fulfilling and heartwarming thing it is to visit with those who care for you. Come for a visit, share photos and memories of the tropical vacation you just went on with your kids, bring cake and host a "this month's birthdays" party. Our ladies would love for you to join our family.

Are there other benefits to Volunteering?

Yes! For high schoolers volunteers can gain service hours for the A+ Program and volunteering looks great on college applications.Volunteering can instill in you, or your child, a sense of community mindfulness and open-heartedness.

Volunteer Events

  • Every-day events, such as coming to the Home to visit, play games or help around the house.
  • Jubilee Committee Member meetings (be on the Committee!)
  • Jubilee fundraiser night event volunteer
  • Trivia fundraiser night event volunteer
  • Shopping day, shopping companion volunteer
  • Volunteer Thank You Day Picnic (more to come on this later!)